About the Ganesh Man Singh Foundation

Singh, besides a revered and strong political leader, was committed to several causes in his lifetime – the Ganesh Man Singh Foundation, in memory of our beloved leader continues to cherish and nourish his life and values.

The Foundation is committed to work towards consolidation and promotion of democratic values in Nepal, and shares his work with readers and viewers in a bid to inspire the same.

Ganesh Man Singh was also an avid supporter of all forms of sports – and invested significant time and resources towards the promotion of the same in the country. Ganesh Man Singh Foundation, in memory of Bir Ganesh Man Singh continues to promote sports and well being in the country.

The Ganesh Man Singh Foundation organizes annually:

  1. Bir Ganesh Man Singh Boxing Championship
  2. Bir Ganesh Man Singh National Tennis Championship
  3. Bir Ganesh Man Singh Marathon

Besides the above, the foundation has built community centres, and actively participates in disaster relief campaigns for the people of Nepal.