Democracy Series (Phase 3): The life and values of Mangala Devi Singh

After 100 weeks (2 years) of remembering Ganesh Man Singh’s contributions to modern day Nepal, reflecting upon his life and values in two phases divided between two major movements for democracy in Nepal, one against the Rana regime and the second against the partyless Panchayat System, the Ganesh Man Singh Foundation in its third phase has decided to pursue an equally important phase:

“The life and values of Late Mangala Devi Singh – a fierce advocate of democracy, a pioneer of women’s rights movement in Nepal, and an equal to Ganesh Man Singh.”

The contributions of Mangala Devi Singh, while understanding the current political sphere of Nepal, cannot be overlooked. Her role, along with many other leading women rights activists of Nepal which include but are not limited to Yogmaya Neupane, Sahana Pradhan, Sadhana Pradhan, Kamaksha Devi Rana, and Hira Devi Tuladhar , have helped shape the current socio-political space of Nepal’s women, right from fighting for women’s political rights and education, initiatives to ban discriminatory practices and so on. While, the fight for equality continues, Phase 3 of Democracy Series: the life and values of Mangala Devi Singh will attempt to provide insight into the social and political rights of women in Nepal from the 1940s.

A fierce advocate of women’s political rights, Mangala Devi Singh in 1948 led a delegation to Prime Minister Padma Shumsher to demand education, voting rights, and employment for women. She was also one of the many members, who defied curfew orders imposed by the Ranas in 1950, and also founder of the Nepal’s Women Association in 1947.

In the coming weeks, Democracy Series: The life and values of Mangala Devi Singh will explore and understand Nepal’s political and social journey through the lens of Mangala Devi Singh.

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