Marriage with Mangaladevi and more about the Praja Parishad

Marriage with Mangaladevi:

Since Ganesh Man Singh’s return from Calcutta, his mother would constantly request him to get married. Ganeshman however would refuse. It so happened one day, a horoscope was brought in to the Singh household – and since then, the problems of the household started to dispel. That horoscope was no one else’s but of Mangaladevi, life partner of Ganesh Man.

Believing Mangaladevi would bring good fortune to the house, Badakazi Ratnaman arranged for Ganesh Man Singh to be married to Mangaladevi.

It hadn’t been many days since Singh had joined the Praja Parishad when his marriage was fixed.

Ganesh Man and his younger brother Shanker Man’s marriage were fixed to be held in the same ceremony. During the feast, which was held in Asar, BS 1997 (1940 AD), Badakazi Ratnaman spared no expense – the entire event was a grand affair and attended by Sri Teen Maharaja Juddha Shamsher himself. Several other prominent Rana members and the British Ambassador too attended the feast.

Dharmabhakta too attended the feast, and Singh wondered if Dharmabhakta regretted his decision to induct Singh into the Praja Parishad. At the time, suspicions about Singh being an informant for the Ranas was rife within the party – Singh wondered if Dharmabhakta, looking at the pompousness of the affair believed the suspicions to be true.

Meanwhile, Singh was feeling suffocated, and when an opportunity arose for him to escape, he did. He went to a friend’s house and did not return until the party was over. Badakazi Ratnaman was little miffed about Singh’s absence – for he had wanted to use the opportunity to introduce Ganesh Man to the Ranas, in the hopes of advancing Ganesh Man’s career.

The Praja Parishad:

The idea of Praja Parishad was first arrived upon during a discussion between Dashrath Chand and Tanka Prasad Acharya. It was founded in 1939 after receiving the support of several other members including Dharma Bhakta Mathema, Pushkarnath Upreti, Govinda Prasad Upadhyaya, and Bal Bahadur Pandey.. After Ganesh Man Singh and Gangalal Shrestha joined the party, the duo got Hari Krishna Shrestha inducted too.

The activities of the party were largely limited to printing and disseminating pamphlets which spoke about several ideas pertaining to oppression and democracy, and wrote articles about the Ranas in Indian newspapers.

The party was planning larger things, and then King Tribhuvan too was aware of the activities of the party. Dharmabhakta, who used to train King Tribhuvan would talk to the king about Prajaparishad, and its proposed activities. The king, although hesitant initially, later showed interest, and asked to see the size of the party. The king asked them to gather inconspicuously at Lainchaur during a hunting game (he did not want to rouse the suspicion of the Ranas), so as King Tribhuvan would assess the size of the party. Dharma Bhakta collected how much ever men he could, however King Tribhuvan was not convinced of the party size and therefore its ability.

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