“Not against constitutional monarchy, we are against dictatorship”: Singh

An appeal to the people:

Ahead of the 1991 People’s Movement, Singh continued to appeal to the people – mainly to dispel the fear of the king within the people. Often, he would set up example by making defiant speeches and addresses at public places.

“To end the Panchayat system, and to reestablish democracy in Nepal, a mass movement is necessary. This is not Nepali Congress’s revolution, but of the people. Earlier, Congress and Communist forces were not united – therefore the palace could play the divisive politics card. But now, they are united in their efforts, both are aware of the need for democracy”, he would say.

“There is a wave of democracy coming in; autocratic regimes are falling across the globe, Nepal will too become a part of the wave”, Singh would add, bolstering the spirit of thousands who would attend his political rallies and gatherings.

Singh is arrested:

Effects of Singh’s addresses reached the corners of the royal palace – eventually, on 30th November 1989, Singh was arrested from his home itself. He was taken the police club at Bhrikuti Mandap. Talking to reporters, he said the following:

“The government is afraid; therefore it has issued an arrest warrant on my name. But the government fails to understand that the revolution is not Ganesh Man’s – it belongs to the people. The revolution will happen, be it with me, or without me. It is the government’s foolishness to think that the revolution can be stopped by arresting me. I have warned the authorities that democracy is important for the nation, and for its people. Medicine often is bitter, to consume it, or to not consume it depends upon the patient – the doctor’s work is to diagnose the patient. I have therefore diagnosed democracy as a solution, and am adamant that the nation needs democracy for the nation, and its people to foster.”

Singh had to be freed after the people took to the streets demanding his release, which was also a glimpse of what was yet to come shouldn’t democracy be reinstated.

“Not against constitutional monarchy, we are against dictatorship”: Singh

The government decided to register a case against Singh before his release, and in the process took his statement:

“A country’s universality and freedom is not guaranteed by simply uttering those words, but via action. We are not against constitutional monarchy; we are simply against authoritative dictatorship. When the truth is spoken, if someone is affected by it, that person is probably guilty, in this instance the state. You are not to analyse our words, but to understand our sentiment”, he said to the judge.

After Singh’s release, Singh was further convinced that the king’s stance was weakening. The iron is hot, and the time is now to strike”, he said and began reaching out to different people across the nation. For this purpose, he drafted an address which would directly appeal to the people.

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