Why democracy? Why Ganesh Man Singh?

Why Democracy?

In most democratic nations, democracy is taken for granted; as something that is inherently received and exercised without a thought towards its values. Often, the only time public realize its importance is when their own democracy is threatened. If you think about it, throughout the modern day history and until today, you will always see someone fighting for democracy and someone fighting to suppress it. Often the suppressors win and at most times it is because the public never care to learn the importance of democratic values.

Democracy in its simplest term means ‘the power of the people’.

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Being democratic means, I, as a person am respected for my existence – we all are, equally.

For Aawaaj, ‘democracy is a beautiful thing – something that needs to be cherished, nourished, and celebrated’.

Being democratic means I am allowed to voice my opinion – as long as my comments are not detrimental to an individual or a community. Being democratic means if I sense a lack of representation, I can form my own party or host political gatherings in an effort to address the issue. Being democratic means, I, as a citizen, am allowed to exercise my fundamental rights as guaranteed by the Constitution.

Being democratic means my life is valued and that I am free to make my own choices. We don’t know how else we would like it to be.

Why Ganesh Man Singh?

Because he may have died a great man, but as a mortal being, he was as regular as you and me
– it is his journey into the path of greatness which is extraordinary.

Over the years, our narratives will be taking you along the life of Ganesh Man Singh – from where he was born to how the seeds of resilience was sown at an early age; when he made a dramatic escape from Bhadragol Jail and embarked upon a long arduous journey from Kathmandu to India on foot; to a time when revered writer Siddhicharan Shrestha, Singh’s cellmate, wrote a poem for him and another time when he took shelter in a home in Sindhuli; from the birth of the Nepali Congress to the eventual overthrow of the Rana regime; from the time he  spent in Sundarijal Jail to the 1990 People’s Movement –  all experiences which enabled him to become a great leader.


We look forward to sharing the democracy series with you – to cherish, nourish, and celebrate it.

Note: The series is non-partisan and only aims to celebrate the life as well as values of Ganesh Man Singh. Throughout his life, Singh pledged his allegiance to the Praja Parishad and was a founding member of the Nepali Congress. Moreover, the 1990 movement where Congress and Communist leaders resisted together – all for ‘democracy’ – that is what the democracy series will stress on.

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