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About Ganesh Man Singh

Ganesh Man Singh was born on the 9th of November, 1915 – little did anyone know, years later, millions of Nepalis would mourn his demise; or fondly remember him for generations to come...

Singh and Democracy

In his lifetime, Singh led two movements for democracy in Nepal – one against the autocratic Rana regime, and the second one against King Mahendra’s partyless Panchayat System. At both times...

About Ganesh Man Singh Foundation

About Ganesh Man Singh Foundation

Singh, besides a revered and strong political leader, was committed to several causes in his lifetime – the Ganesh Man Singh Foundation, in loving...

President's Message
It is Ganesh Man Singh Foundation's pride to continue Ganesh Man Singh's legacy. Singh, besides being one of Nepal's most revered and respected leader, ensured a positive development of Nepal, and Nepalis throughout his lifetime. Considered Nepal's Father of Democracy, Singh in his lifetime resisted against two regimes to ensure Nepalis weren't deprived of their inherent right to democracy. He first led a movement against the autocratic Rana regime which ruled over Nepal for more than 100 years, and later against the 'partyless' Panchayat System introduced by then King Mahendra.
The Foundation continues to cherish Singh's belief in democracy, and other activities which include development of sports, infrastructure, improvement of living standards of all Nepalis, and much more.

Prakash Man Singh,
President, Ganesh Man Singh Foundation.

Democracy Series

Remembering the life and values of Ganesh Man Singh – his contribution to Nepal’s struggle for democracy

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