B P Koirala moves to Narayanhiti Palace, Singh demands Mohan Shumsher’s resignation

B P Koirala moves to Narayanhiti Palace

Back at the Home Ministry and the residence of Home Minister B P Koirala, police officers were taking stock of the damage inflicted. The entire operation was being overseen by then Inspector General of Police Toran Shumsher JBR himself.

In a short while King Tribhuvan’s ADC Yog Bikram Shah too arrived. He had been sent by the king to assess the situation. Within half an hour of the ADC’s return, Koirala’s phone rang. It was from the royal palace.

King Tribhuvan after learning that the Home Minister’s residence was uninhabitable owing to the damages had suggested the palace accommodate Koirala in the royal palace until other arrangements were made. The phone call from the palace communicated the same.

B P Koirala obliged, and understanding Koirala’s need to pack for the move, Ganesh Man Singh and others bid Koirala adieu.

Hence for one month B P Koirala resided at the Narayanhiti Palace. After a month, due to security reasons and other inconveniences, he moved to Rang Mahal at Keshar (Kaiser) Mahal upon insistence of Kaiser Shumsher JBR.

Meanwhile, late in the evening, Ganesh Man Singh received word about an emergency meeting of the Council of Ministers to be held at Narayanhiti Durbar at 08:00 a.m.

The meeting was to be presided over by King Tribhuvan.

An emergency meeting of the Council of Ministers:

Singh and all the other ministers reached the palace grounds at 08:00 a.m. Prime Minister Mohan Shumsher arrived around 08:15 and by the time the meeting started it was about 08:30 a.m. Because it was a special meeting, no prior agenda was established. However, everyone knew what the meeting was about.

B P Koirala spoke first. Thanking King Tribhuvan for presiding over the meeting, Koirala spoke of the Home Ministry’s effort to restore peace and order in a nation which had just come out of a revolution. He spoke of the reorganization of the police force, integration of the Liberation Army within the police force, and other efforts to curb growing anti-revolutionary activities.

He then spoke of the incident that had occurred at his ministry and his residence the day before. How members of the Gorkha Dal had entered his ministry and his residence and damaged property and injured many of his office’s employees.

Singh, who was listening to the entire account, was becoming fidgety – he was waiting for B P Koirala to demonstrate the rage he had seen yesterday.

He was waiting for B P Koirala to lash out on Mohan Shumsher for allowing such a harrowing incident to occur.

But neither did Koirala lose his calm, nor did he hold P M Mohan Shumsher directly responsible for the incident.

Singh demands Mohan Shumsher’s resignation:

Noticing Singh’s becoming fidgety, Subarna Shumsher signaled him to calm down – and to only speak after his turn came. Singh waited – and when his turn did come, he spared no expense to hold Mohan Shumsher accountable for the violent incident which occurred at the Home Ministry.

“It is very simple. Yesterday’s attack on the Home Ministry, and the Home Minister was a plan of the Gorkha Dal to hand over power back to the Rana leaders. Prime Minister Mohan Shumsher who had been warned multiple times about such a situation, did not take any action. Inaction is compliance, and Prime Minister Mohan Shumsher must take accountability for inspiring yesterday’s action. Home Minister almost lost his life yesterday, and PM Mohan Shumsher must offer his immediate resignation”, Singh said in the meeting.

When the King asked Mohan Shumsher if he had anything to say, Mohan Shumsher said he would accept whatever decision the king would take.

The king himself was in no position to take a decision. He had to appear neutral.

After a small discussion with ministers of both sides, it was decided that Mohan Shumsher would have to resign. Immediately a document was drafted which allowed Mohan Shumsher a graceful exit.

Mohan Shumsher was just about to sign the document, when the king’s ADC entered the room and whispered something in Tribhuvan’s ear.

After hearing his ADC, Tribhuvan excused himself for a moment.

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